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Here's a bold statement: Disney World included, there is no better place to take the kids on vacation than Washington, D.C. And here's how to do it best.
Lounge on a beach in French Polynesia or Puerto Rico, plus find three more bargains in equally relaxing spots around the world.
A booking snafu with an online travel agency forces this traveler to shell out nearly $1,000 for two one-way tickets. Here's how to avoid being charged twice if you're traveling on multiple airlines.
The food in Bali is as memorable as the sunsets. Savor these five spots, which range from traditional local cuisine to Mexican.
What's so special about the period from May 5 until June 6? It's a time when tourist traffic to the Caribbean is virtually dead and prices at their lowest, pre-hurricane-season levels.
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Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy
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Reader's Voice
From Jodi_Shaun: "We are doing a six-week European road trip. What's the best way to carry our personal belongings (money, passports, camera)? I will be taking my DSLR."
From smcdonaldmn: "We have four days in Tuscany. We thought we would stay in one place and explore wineries, Lucca, and Siena. Would an apartment outside of Siena be central?"
From Calypso: "A group of us want to go to Luxor, but we've heard that the overnight sleeper tickets are often sold out the day of and that you often can't get return tickets."
From Amac: "We are three single, late 30-something gals traveling to Spain. We want to stay in a fun beach town on the Mediterranean but want to avoid an MTV Spring Break situation."
From Kannon: "My brother and I are concerned that another volcanic eruption will interrupt our trip to Turkey. If we got insurance, would future eruptions fall under preconditions?"

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