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The massive influx of visitors to Cambodia's 12th century temple complex has forced officials to consider restricting tourism numbers to help ensure its survival for future generations.
Among other things, travel to Atlantic Canada -- the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island -- gives you a way to dip into the cultures of Europe without leaving North America.
MTV Spain guidebook authors share tips on exploring the caves and skies of rural mountain areas, tell you how to get into the Baleric Islands' best parties, and explain why Barcelona is the country's most exciting city.
There are scores of museums in Paris. But two are so grand in scope and ambition, so profound in their impact upon the visitor that they have to be counted as iconic experiences.
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From Bruce Burns: "Is anyone else allergic to bedding? If so, what do you do about it?"
From ajcolorado: "I just got a notice saying that Disney is offering free dining again in late August and most of September (Aug. 26 - Sept. 22)."
From janeth: "Does anyone know of the tour company known as Train Holidays/Uncommon Journeys? I saw it advertised in USA Today, looked it up and got flyers."
From zbandicoot: "My mom and I are planning our first trip to India, three weeks in January, and will definitely be in Bombay and Delhi but are otherwise flexible."
From risab: "My husband and I are going to Israel in August (second time) and we are now thinking of changing our northern Israel plans a bit."

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