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Belize has been a hot, hot destination for several years now, but familiarity hasn't bred contempt on the part of resort owners, who still understand that good value deals will bring in the travelers. While scuba diving and snorkeling are still the biggest draw, Belize is also just a great place to kick back and relax. You can also explore the jungle, perhaps reminding yourself that you are in one of the first nations to encourage eco-friendly tourism.
Matthew Poole wiles away his time by the pool, in the air and on the water (with whales, no less) at this family-friendly resort.
Like so many other holidays that are ostensibly for one purpose, in this case to honor the dead of our past and present wars, Memorial Day has become for some an opportunity to simply enjoy a three-day weekend. Nobody will blame you for doing just that, even if you go so far as to spend the long weekend (or more) out of the country.
Maybe we should make it clear again about getting the best hotel prices -- never pay rack rates, the highest price a hotel expects to ever charge a guest for a room. Instead, look for promotions and special packages that hotels offer. These discounts are wide and varying, and a property is usually offering at least one special, and usually more.
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From Laura Farrell: "As a New Yorker, I would like to ask that tourists to our city please not take pictures of themselves and their families smiling in front of Ground Zero. I live close to the site, and I can attest that this has become something of a craze among the tourists. It is very painful to live here and watch people do this. I ask that you please respect this area and those of us who worked at the site and/or lost loved ones here by treating it more respectfully than a normal tourist site."
From PJ Madigan: "I've seen insurance packages that will compensate for cancellation of an airline ticket due to major medical or significantly important unforseen circumstances. Is it possible to purchase a policy that compensates for cancellation simply because of one's personal change in vacation plans?"
From Fiona Cullen: "I am planning my honeymoon. We are visiting Rio, the falls, the Amazon and would like to finish at a beach resort that offers luxury accommodation, but we are a bit worried Costa Do Sauipe may be slightly bland and regimented. Any advice would be appreciated along with recommendations on the Marriott, Sofitel, Beaches or Pousadas."
From Kathy Kapes: "Does anyone have any idea what will happen with US Air's Frequent Flier miles if their financial troubles are not straightened out? Should we use our miles as soon as possible, or will United accept them at a later date?"
From Vegas Baby: "Last time I was in Vegas I stayed at a motel that doesn't seem to exist any more. It was scuzzy but cheap and had a little kitchen in the room, which really helped me save on food bills. I'm now struggling to find any Vegas hotel or motel (anywhere within a few blocks of the Strip) with kitchen facilities. Anyone got any tips?"

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