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June is the "green season" in Costa Rica; that means the "wet" season to most of us. You can also call it the "cheap" season. In exchange for a few hours a day of rain, travelers to Costa Rica during the low season find rock-bottom fares and negotiable hotel rates.
We can think of few better ways to truly experience a place than from the seat of your bike. No staring through the tinted glass of tour buses, no guide telling you what to look at (or what to think about) and no pressure to "move along." On a bicycle, you can set the pace, stopping when you want to ponder a point a little longer, resting and picnicking at your leisure.
We'll get to the point quickly: through Friday only, Qantas is offering $498 flights ($581 including tax) from LA to Auckland and $598 flights ($725 including tax) from LA to Sydney. If you have any desire whatsoever to see the lands Down Under, these fares are absolutely unbeatable. They're extraordinary. They're a good $150 below other Qantas Web-only sale fares we've ever seen -- and maybe $500-600 below most airlines' sales.
Here's a quick look at some what the some of the major agencies are offering.
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From Martha Ferguson: "My husband and I are considering a tour to Turkey with a company (FLO USA) which does not accept credit card payments. I have read that a consumer has some protection against loss if using a card. But most companies require full payment about 60 days before the trip begins. Since I pay my bill in full each month, I would have paid for the trip before it was due to start anyway. FLO USA says that by not accepting c.c. payment, the cost is less. Any opinions on this?"
From Mark Lawrence: "My wife and I are bringing our 4-1/2 year-old son with us to BA this summer (July 1 to Aug 30). We want to find a good pre-school, kindergarten or day care program for him while we're there so that he can learn some Spanish and make friends with other kids. We'll probably be staying in the Recoleta, Barrio Norte area, but we'll be flexible if the school is right. Does anybody have any experience with this, or can you refer us to someone who does? We would really appreciate it as we were unable to dig up anything on the web."
From Tami Titus: "Our family (my husband, myself and our 13-year-old son) ventured to Belize in March of 2002. We were lucky enough to have decided on Caye Caulker as our main destination. It was, by far, the most relaxing vacation I've ever had. We first became interested in Belize after reading a Frommer's article. I used the listings in the article to start my research."
From Kristen Kelley: "I had been waiting for a certain date to be made available for Burbank - Oakland, and today it went on sale. Of course, now almost all the airfares are completely gone! Now I know it's *possible* that it could sell out that quickly, but it just doesn't seem that likely. Does SW hold back some airfares to release later on? Does anybody know how they work?"
From Andy Burke: "BonJour, I took my son to Paris two years ago, and we had an excellent vacation. The only down side were the touts and aggressive panhandlers at the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. This June, I am taking my niece to Brussels, ans he wants to take the train to Paris for the day so she can see the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Is the situation any better than it was?"

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