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Here are our opinions on several companies, websites, books and the like aimed at helping women travel.
Nowadays, most ski areas are thriving summertime resorts with hiking, golf, tennis, mountain biking, rock climbing, and cultural hotbeds with summer theaters, food festivals, outdoor music venues and hotels built for year round activities with big swimming pools.
Grenada is a breath of fresh air where you can enjoy the lush green mountainous vegetation, volcanic hot springs, colonial architecture, sailing in clear waters, exceptional dive sites and 40 of the best beaches in the region. All this and the charm of French-African influences make Grenada a "must visit" Caribbean destination.
Kia ora! (That's "Welcome!" in Maori.) This week travel back in time without leaving the luxuries of the modern world, as we check into one of the most amazing and exclusive lodges in the world: Treetops. There we explore some of New Zealand's beauty, culture and adventure sports!
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From ptallent : "I am going to visit my daughter in June and have been trying to locate reasonable accommodations in Madrid, specifically in the Opera or Sol area of Madrid."
From southislandin07: "Trip planned Dec06/Jan07. Would love to have your comments on my itinerary. We are a couple in our early 30's on our honeymoon so would rather do the trip at a relaxed and leisurely pace. I don't know if the below is too ambitious to do with a rental car."
From daisysmom: "My plane will be landing in Tel Aviv at 5:30 PM (allegedly). And then we will be off to our hotel in Tel Aviv. I am formulating plans as to how we will spend that evening....having dinner and perhaps walking around some of the city if it is not too late and if we are not too tired."
From ChiTown: "I have a free day in Hiroshima at the end of May. I'm planning and hoping to take a train to Onomichi and rent a bike, then cycle to Imabari, which is 70kms. What is nice about this is that you can drop your bike off and bus back."
From TravelNetizen: "These directions are pretty good -- my sister has gone this way. They are saying the roads will be closed until May 9th but the Park Service is not confirming this date. There is extensive tree damage and boulders closing both sides of the road so it's a mess."

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