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Most airport food is hideous. But poke around and you can find local favorites and branches of well-loved hometown eateries that give a little bit of regional flavor to your four-hour rain delay. Thursday
With the dollar's fluctuating value, there can be both sticker shock and awe while traveling -- best know before you go. Here's what you'll pay for a brew in Alice Springs, a bus in Ghent, a bed in Tucson, and more travel essentials around the world.
This week's roundup of deals includes a half-off offering from Hotels.com that's good for hotels around the world, a summer trip to Vienna and Salzburg, and three more deals to destinations around the world.
What happens when a captain orders his security team to fire on attackers rather than flee? MSC Melody passengers found out last week.
Our reader has a disastrous Disney vacation, but his complaints are being ignored. What's he doing wrong that he can't get Mickey's attention?
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Vienna facade
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Reader's Voice
From ButIdontWant2: "I have heard white tennis shoes and baseball caps. Anything else?"
From cliffordbrazier: "I have fond memories of weekends in La Sapiniere in Val David, but was disappointed to read some recent reviews. Do you have any recommendations for a good quality hotel with a gourmet restaurant?"
From eco: "Can anyone give suggestions on where the animals usually are at this time? Which parks should not be missed?"
From nickel: "My husband and I have a business meeting in August in Puerto Rico. From looking at cruises and travel information it seems this is an off time."
From Troidus: "Planning on hitting Rio for Carnivale. We have two weeks, so we won't be able to do everything (read Amazon). I was leaning toward checking out Florianopolis and the surrounding area."

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