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Crossing the broad Pacific usually means leaving a trail of dollars across the water; in ordinary times, you're lucky to get to Australia without dropping $1,000 or even $1,500 along the way. But these aren't ordinary times, and three airlines are proving that with fares that really make you say "G'day."
Tahiti Vacations has a single flight on Saturday, May 31, that simply hasn't sold enough seats. To fill the plane, the operator is cutting costs on its packages out of Los Angeles to all points paradise. And if you're not in LA, don't fret -- current fare sales across the country could allow you to jet to the left coast to connect to this flight.
Stunning sights -- and some simple savings -- await you on two separate, but equally life-changing, journeys to this oft-thought out-of-reach continent for just a touch over $100 a day including airfare, hotels and a whole lot more from those good folks at Djoser.
For just $249 per person, Frommers.com readers can fly into Miami or Fort Lauderdale and stay for four days and three nights at the Dezerland Resort & Spa in Miami Beach. You don't have to rush to take advantage; this deal is valid all the way through December 13, 2003.
The ongoing SARS crisis needn't cramp all travel plans to Asia. According to the World Health Organization, Japan is still SARS-free, and one airline is underscoring this with fares to Nippon that are even lower than many summer fares to Europe.
United Vacations, the vacation packager linked to United Airlines (though a separate business entity and not part of the recent bankruptcy filing), has brewed up a nice batch of escapes for late spring and early summer. Hawaii from $684 and Montreal from $564, for instance, should make any potential vacationer open the eyes a bit wider.
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From Kathy Thornton: "I bought a ticket to Paris on Northwest for a flight in June, returning in July. I bought it through a travel agent who said I'd save money by going through them. My ticket was $1,150. Today, Northwest's price is $850."
From Susan E: "Being a travel junkie, with my most recent trip being to Paris in April 2003, I find myself checking in with this website at least twice a day. I love to see where people are going, where they are staying and how they are getting there. Since I can't afford another trip to Europe for at least a year I get my daily travel fix here. Anyone else care to admit to this addiction?"
From Elaine Hruschka: "My family recently returned from a 30-day custom trip to Chile, highlighted by visits through the Lake District (and over into Argentina), Torres del Paine, the Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Calafate (Argentine Glacier Parks), Punta Arenas, Ushuaia and Chiloe."
From Rob Birse: "A last minute cancellation of our long awaited trip to Hong Kong (due to SARS) diverted our attentions from Asia to Mexico. From cancellation (4 days prior to travel date) to rebooking we didn┬┐t have much time to do our research, so we made an informed decision, why not visit the Baja peninsula?"
From Mike Frederick: "I'm going to be touring the North Island in the first half of June. My mother-in-law, who will be traveling with us and is an avid bird watcher, is celebrating a birthday while we're in the country. We'd like to surprise her and hook her up with a good birding experience. Any suggestions as to prime bird watching parks and/or tours on the North Island at that time of year? I know there are lots of unique, exotic birds in New Zealand but what's the best way/place to see them?"

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