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Canada is one big country, and despite its massively small capita-per-square-mile ratio, it's amazingly diverse in attractions and activities, especially as temperatures climb out of the basement. Even better, the dollar is still strong there for those things you have to pay for; don't worry, we've found plenty of free events as well to fill your time.
Deals to Hawaii keep popping up all over, offering various and sundry "free" this and "free" that hoping you'll be hooked with that magical word. Others try with $-off promotions. But is anything ever, truly free? Do the discounts equal real savings? As usual, it's a toss up of yes and no.
For trips to France this fall, your lucky number is five. To celebrate their May 5th listing on the New York Stock Exchange, Air France is slashing fares for pairs of travelers heading to Paris between October 15, 2004 and March 2005.
Last week, we reported on an amazing Qantas deal to Australia and New Zealand. That fare is gone now, but Air New Zealand is now willing to match Qantas' $498 fare to Auckland and $598 fare to Sydney for very limited May travel dates.
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Reader's Voice
From Ed Jacobson: "Can someone please recommend some great places to eat lobster (at reasonable prices) along the coast from Connecticut to Maine? We will be sightseeing along the coast area this summer."
From kellygirl: "Hi! I'm a 32-year-old woman wanting to travel to Budapest this summer in July. Is it safe/recommended to do this? I've flown by myself to places like London and have been ok, not going out at night, etc. Also, I don't speak Hungarian, are there a lot of people there who do speak English?"
From Doris Beetz: "We just returned from a one-week trip to Peru with Traveland, having found out about this tour through Frommers newsletter. The tour was the worst we have ever been on -- much too large, poorly organized, almost zero communication, uninformed tour guides (except for one), and bad hotels."
From Gussie Viescas: "My husand and I are considering Bali and Lombok, but wondering is it really safe? With everything happening in the middle east and elsewhere in the world and especially what has happened in Bali with the bombing in 2002, we're concerned. Please, reply with any information on subject."
From robertlackie: "I am getting ready to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and am looking for rates better than Travelocity. Does anyone have names of ticket brokers and websites or phone numbers to check and compare prices? Thanks I appreciate you!"

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