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To celebrate its one-year anniversary as a publicly held company on the New York Stock Exchange, the carrier is having a doozy of a sale. The lowest priced round-trip ticket starts from just $299 for flights to Paris out of several US cities.
Used to be eating at the airport meant food courts, candy bars and maybe a sorry piece of last minute fruit. With current airport security measures requiring travelers to arrive a minimum of two hours before their departure time and airlines serving less on board, travelers have more time and a greater need to eat at the airport.
Tuscany is home to some of the most stunning small towns, each with its individual charm, character and postcard-worthy views. Often surrounded by heavy fortified walls with fortresses and towers, these cities are a legacy of the Middle Ages and a testament to the wealth and prestige that the area enjoyed during the medieval period.
The sort of detailed guidance they provide is an excellent resource for general battlefield travelers, but it's invaluable to Americans who want to see the very trenches where their fathers and grandfathers fought.
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From midnte0708: "Are infants required to be in a car seat in NYC taxi cabs? If not what is the best thing to do with them? I have a infant seat which I will bring, but I am not bringing the base which it latches into. I am also wondering the best way to travel with an infant from EWR to the city. Subways are an option getting around the city but to drag the heavy stroller down the stairs will be a pain. I will be traveling with a 12-week-old in a stroller system (car seat attached to the top of stroller) so a lighter umbrella stroller is not an option."
From KarenAG: "My husband, 91-year-old father and I just returned from a wonderful week in Paris. We thank all of you who gave us information and suggestions to make the trip smoother."
From JMRW :"We just returned from a 7-day stay at Holiday Inn in Palm Beach, very nice! The room had a coffee pot & frig. The drinking water there is great and always available. We found the burgers at Salt & Peppers most excellent for about $7.75/US. The best pizza was at Tomatoe Charlie's, both within walking distance from the motel. We rented a car but returned it because the driving there is crazy, and we almost got in an accident! Not only that but you can take the bus from Palm Beach to Oranjestad round trip for only $2, or cabs are always available for more cost."
From KFisk: "My fiance and I have 2 weeks for our vacation. We are going to spend most of it in Greece and use many of the recommendations on this message board. However, we were thinking maybe we should fly to Cairo, Egypt for a couple days to see the Great Pyramids. Has anyone done something like this? Is it even feasible? We thought, since we were in that part of the world, maybe we should take the opportunity to see one of the 7 Wonders.
From craigt3365: "Just a quick note on my recent 3 week trip here. First, thanks to all of you who have posted in the past. And especially thanks to the guide. It was actually VERY accurate and helped a lot!"

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