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Even if you're an infrequent flier who doesn't get access to the choice seats, there are some ways to get a slightly better seat than everyone else's.
You could hit up any of the city's many rooftop bars, swank lounges, or electrifying dance floors -- but if you only want to experience the city's hottest scenes, study our list below.
In past summers, you paid $800 to fly between New York and London or $1,000 to Rome. But for at least for the next week, you can get across the Atlantic for about half that price.
This package takes travelers to the southernmost tip of the country, filled with old castles and a rich Moorish heritage -- and where the water is warm, the beaches welcoming, and the fresh seafood abundant.
Budget vacation tips from an expert, what a Clear Pass is worth, sleeping on couches in Paris, and more news from around the world.
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From kschro: "My husband and I will be traveling to Germany for the first time in July 2009 and staying a few weeks. We are unsure whether to rent a car or take the train."
From rae82: "I'm heading to Korea for about three weeks and also Japan. I will be in Seoul for a few days, maybe three to four for shopping and some sight seeing."
From robbsteele: "I am staying at the Marriott in Cairo and want to visit the pyramids. Does anyone know the best way to visit the pyramids, should I take a tour or a taxi from the hotel?"
From mk0821mk: "I am in bit of a sutation and really can't make a decision. I would like to go on a summer vacation at the end of July to either of these locations."
From skmom: "Traveling with my husband, son (24) and daughter (13). In the past we have split up for some shows, so that my husband and son could see things that were too mature for my daughter."

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