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Due to a server error, our Message Boards were unavailable for part of the day on Friday, May 9, preventing subscribers from reading and participating in our Readers Voice. To revisit the discussions from Friday's Newsletter, please go to www.frommers.com/newsletters/05-09-03.
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The Adventure Cycling Association has a long roster of two-wheeled trips, from short distances to cross-country treks, all at affordable prices.
Whether you're looking for a cutting-edge adventure vacation or just a lounge on the veranda, a Delta Airlines sale this week is delivering great fares to two mild and pleasant destinations for those who act fast.
One of the best bonding experiences a family can enjoy is a group outing in Mother Nature. A non-profit organization based in Minneapolis, the Wilderness Inquiry has been making such activities possible since 1978, while helping out people with disabilities and other disadvantaged folks as well. The prices are good, in part to do generous contributions from compassionate donors.
By using little-known routes taking advantage of the "fifth freedom," you can save big on trips to Europe and Asia.
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Reader's Voice
From M. Romanov: "It had been fourteen years since our last visit to London. In 1989, London was only just beginning to show the effect of membership in the European Union. It was finally possible to get a decent cup of coffee. In earlier trips, 'good' coffee was prepared by a barkeep running steam from a decades-old espresso machine into a cup which held a spoonfull of Nescafe. Sometimes both Nescafe and milk."
From Nicholas P. Connon: "There is an interesting web site that focuses only on restaurants and offers coupons and specials for local restaurants. It is called LocalMeals.com. I suggest to everyone to check it out. It is quite interesting."
From Skip Bowman: "The contract should always be read before being signed. The importance of this cannot be overstressed. The items oulined in the envelope into which they put your contract just re-emphasize what's already in the contract; there shouldn't be any extra clauses sprung on you after you leave."
From cavers2: "Hola, Just back from a wonderful trip to Peru -- one of the friendliest countries we've visited. We customized our 10-day trip through Andex Travel, the internet subsidiary of Condor Travel Agency, a large, dependable, Peruvian travel agency based in Lima. Based on our experience, we can highly recommend using this agency -- they were professional, informative, friendly, punctual, multi-lingual, and worked hard to accommodate all our wishes. All this and a budget price!"
From Doris Moss: "I when to South Beach last week and I used a company called vipsouthbeach.com. It was the best thing I could have ever done. They made us an itinerary of the best places to have dinner and the really hot nightclubs. We really had a great time. They also found us a super nice hotel."

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