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Were living in a spa-obsessed time, as even moderately priced, three-star hotels are making major changes to their facilities, with upgraded fitness, spa, and all-around wellness offerings.
On location, Jason Sheftell reports on what's happening in and around New Zealand's west coast.
Each season we compile a general round up of some of the better, stranger and more unique festivals and events taking place around the country. Summer in particular brings up a slew of interesting activities, from the artistic to the downright bizarre, but each with its own merits.
While its history may lead us to believe otherwise, Croatia has made an amazing recovery from civil war, and the people of Croatia are generous, eager and welcoming to visitors from around the world.
G'day mate! I made it back to Australia! ? But before I write about Melbourne let's finish off where we left last week, at the exclusive Treetops Lodge on the North Island of New Zealand in Rotorua.
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From kesuba: "Hey there all - A friend of mine from uni and myself are travelling to Tasmania in early August. What will the weather be like at that time? I know it is Tassie's winter so to expect chilly weather, but any other insights?"
From Cathy Haar: "I realized that I¿d better get my B&B report posted before I forget all the details! We spent our first two nights at A Aaron B&B at 25 College Road in Galway. Before we went, I had some doubts as to whether we were making the right choice in going with College Road over Salthill."
From galiano: "We are going to do a Tanzania safari in February and are wondering about a company called Kiliwarrior Expeditions. I know they have a good reputation for Kilimanjaro climbs but have only recently started to do regular safari trips."
From TiffanyU: "Are there any travel websites where you can organize and keep track of your own detailed trip itinerary elements purchased at various sites? Ticketless travel sure doesn't mean paperless."
From Jayne96: "My friend and I are headed to Negril this August. We are both women and we are staying at the Legend Hotel. I saw on another message board that two girls were robbed while staying there."

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