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New openings in Chelsea over the past decade have further cemented the Big Apple as the world's premier marketplace for contemporary art. Visit these picks, and you'll discover the best the neighborhood has to offer.
I'm ticked off by an example of discrimination practiced flagrantly at the airports of America, in the plain sight of everyone. And I'm puzzled as to why an uproar hasn't emerged.
It's been a year since our reader's illness-packed cruise, but the insurance claim she made through a company that offered traveler "protection" is apparently lost at sea. Will she ever get her $675 back?
A quick escape to the Caribbean, a driving tour of Italy's Tuscany, a bargain tour of Iceland, and two more deals at destinations around the world.
If you thought only a few desperate people travel abroad to get medical care, you should think again. Medical tourism has become a big business, with its own conferences, public relations and competitive jostling.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Vineyards in Italy's Tuscany Region
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Reader's Voice
From Jonnyju29: "Problem is we all have different tastes and budgets. My sister and I like the backpack/roughing it kind of experience and my cousins just want to work on their tan."
From thaiamerican: "I keep reading about how good shopping is in Singapore. What do those tourists actually shop for?"
From Countessp: "I'm concerned about not being able to go into Bethlehem to see the Christian sites. If on a tour, and they don't go, how safe is it to do it on your own? Perhaps a taxi, bus, or private tour?"
From canadianryan: "Generally, I'm looking for information on places to see, experience maybe a few festivals or yearly events, something along those lines if they have them."
From kay530: "Ritz is newer and nicer, but read comments about the weather in that area, is it really that bad? Sheraton has a good deal, lots of great feedback, but I am afraid it's going to be so crowded."

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