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  • Fare Sale to The Bahamas ends tomorrow, but not before more carriers join in the savings frenzy. Click here for the scoop.
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Wintertime travel to Rome just went on sale, and, Chef Boyardee, what a sale it is! For east coast departures out of Boston, New York, Newark and Philadelphia prices start from a tad under five C-notes; for flights out of the west, prices aren't really that much more considering the distance -- the lowest base price is just $679 from Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego and San Francisco. (And varying rates in between the coasts.)
Keep in touch overseas. The rental fee is waived, you pay for just the calls you place, not the ones you receive.
Today marked the inaugural voyage of Club Mirage, a vintage 1973 former ferry and Mediterranean cruise ship now operating out of Port Canaveral, Florida, for the new line Ocean Club Cruises.
Cheeseheads rejoice: there's a war going on in your neck of the woods. Putting hometown favorite Midwest Airlines on edge, both discount carrier AirTran and big boy Northwest have pushed into Milwaukee, offering new nonstops and low fares.
Blowing hard on its own trumpet, Chicago (the city) is taking every advantage of the ongoing popularity of Chicago (the movie musical), hitting positive notes with a trilling, thrilling line up of special events that offer cultural enrichment and some nice savings to boot.
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Reader's Voice
From Robert Kostes: "We are traveling in Spain for two weeks. So far we have been to Seville and Granada. We saw three shows in Seville. The best (and cheapest) was at the cultural center in the Jewish Quarter. We saw two other shows in the Jewish quarter one of which was quite good and the other was a little touristy but still professional. The whole atmosphere in the Jewish quarter is very exciting. We then drove to Granada and went to a show in the Gypsy cuevas. The Frommer's guide recommended the cuevas as a site to see in Granada but it was the biggest tourist ripoff we have experienced in a while."
From Susan Rybar: "Is anyone aware of the cafeterias in the USDA, Supreme Court, Senate or House? I heard you could go to federally supported cafeterias to eat a good meal cheaply. Does anyone have information on this?"
From Bruce Burger: "Thanks to everyone who posted or emailed with suggestions for my trip to Japan with my 5-year-old daughter. Here is a summary of our trip, with the emphasis on what my daughter enjoyed, since there are plenty of other guides for adults."
From Phyllis Schmitt: "I have recently heard that Canadians travelling in the U.S. are occasionally subject to non-service in motels and restaurants because of our country's stance on the war. I find this very hard to believe, having lived in California for several years myself and having travelled throughout the western states. Have things changed in this regard? We are planning a trip by car to California in June and would appreciate any information that would enlighten us."
From SeattleTraveler: "We'll be stoping in Martinique in a couple weeks off the Carnival Destiny. This will be a new island for us, and the posts I've read about the port (on other boards) have been quite negative. I'd love to hear from others who might have something to share. We basically love a nice beach, and would probably take a cab to get there."

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