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Spring is passing fast, and summer's almost here. We know you've been struggling to find cheap airfares to Europe for this summer, and a few of you are even planning ahead to the fall. So today, we're bundling together deals for the next four seasons.
St. Lucia is one of the Caribbean's most popular destinations. White-sand beaches, unspoiled countryside and top-notch tourist hotels combine to make this mountainous teardrop pure paradise. Paradise just got a little cheaper thanks to the island-wide "Great Deal in Paradise" promotion, which knocks 25% off rates at hotels, restaurants and attractions between August 15 and December 15.
With few exceptions, most big rivers and lakes have a place where you can rent houseboats, putting you in control of the pace to get where your going. If you've never done it before, it's relatively easy to learn quickly. Best of all, it's almost always a guaranteed budget vacation, since costs are split between you and your houseboat-mates
We're doing a little housecleaning, tying up loose ends of deals that have been sitting on our desks.
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From Bar bar a: "Thanks, Frommer's, for alerting me to Air France's great deal for next fall and winter. Last night we booked our flights to Paris for October for $510 for two round-trip tickets! (Add another $180 for taxes.) We were planning on going to Italy, but this fare was too good to pass up. Tickets from Paris to Italian cities on European commuter airlines are $25 one-way. We're going to have a good time with the $600 we will be saving and the two extra more days we're adding to our trip."
From Bob Dahlgren: "I just came back from a 26 days trip to Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. A friend told me about a lease program Peugeot has that gives you a brand new car with complete insurance and unlimited mileage. We went through www.eurotourbycar.com and were really impressed with the price and the fact that we had a brand new Peugeot 406. We picked it up in Paris and dropped it off in Zurich. It was faster than dealing with a rental company. Renault has the same kind of deal. Just thought people might like to know about this program.
From 1-der-twin: "Greetings, oh sage sojourners. I've got a dilemma, and I'm hoping someone has a solution. I'll be in Munich for a week on a business trip with my fiance. We have four days at the end (June 7-11) before we have to return to NYC out of Munich. We'd like to get outta the city and see other parts of Europe (not necessarily more of Germany, though), but the options are overwhelming, especially trying to stay within a reasonable budget. Honestly, we're up for anything that's the opposite of urban Munich: beaches, country settings with cheeses and goats, small villages, what have you. I'd appreciate any ideas and detailed suggestion for taking advantage of our time their."
From David Raber: "Has anyone used walkie talkies to communicate with other family members at WDW? Do they work well? Can someone at one park communicate with someone at another park?"
From dorie: "My family and I spent 5 nights at the Wyndham Rose Hall in Montego Bay April 16¿21. We loved the resort, for the most part and found the majority of the staff to be very charming and friendly. Our check in was fast, but our room was not ready (we arrived around 1pm). The sweet helpful lady who helped us, Melissa, gave us our cards and we changed into suits and had lunch and hit the pool while we waited. It ended up being well after 4pm before we were able to get a room, but it was worth the wait."

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