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At just 100 miles long and 35 miles wide, Puerto Rico is small enough to see a good portion of it in a short period of time, and close enough to get there quickly.
As we scoured the globe yet again for a selection of "best of" for summer 2006, we came across some intriguing and truly unique festivals and events. Some are open and accessible to all, but others, are not for the faint hearted.
Be they a short drive away, or on the other side of the globe, summer's approach has us dreaming about our favorite beaches.
On location, Jason Sheftell reports on what's happening in and around Christchurch and Auckland.
Hear about some great escapes city-dwellers can get to and enjoy without needing a car or a week of vacation.
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From bennyb82: "I'm planning on climbing Mt. Fuji this summer but since I am on a long trip I will have a large pack that I don't want to carry up the mountain. Does anyone know if there is a place I can store my pack for the night while I climb?"
From daisytcam: "This will be my first time to the west coast and have made a reservation at the Costa Dorada for the end of August, 2006. Any input on this hotel?"
From septtrip: "I'm looking for a great 14-day trip that offers a little of everything--history, scenery, art, wine tasting. We were in Paris last year but my husband is dying to return. I've been to Italy (always Rome and north), but he never has. So, what do you think of this trip."
From travelcat4: "I can't believe we're actually packing for our trip to Israel! We are joining a tour group in Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening, but our flight actually arrives at 10:30 that morning. Any suggestions for the best use of those free hours before the tour begins?"
From Mariel: "Anyone stayed there? I am staying there with my husband for a week and wondered what it was like? Is the golf good - what is there to do in Lethbridge and area?"

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