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We've rounded up the best deals on waves for the coming months including Europe and the South Pacific with a sprinkling of the Caribbean and South America as well.
Is SWISS Airlines for lovers -- or just for good friends? That's what we wondered when we saw the red-and-white carrier's excellent two-for-one sale. The rules are simple: buy over the phone by calling 877/359-7947, book with a MasterCard, ask nicely, and you get two economy-class seats for the price of one.
A classic old ship is getting a whole new life as an in-port tourist attraction.
Who doesn't dream of escaping to a tropical paradise? After spending one two many cold and snowy winters in Connecticut, one couple acted on that dream and leased a small hotel and restaurant on Bequia, part of the Grenadines in the balmy Caribbean. Now, thanks to them, you can also escape, with a 50% discount if you tell them you're one of our readers.
It's almost axiomatic that immigrants make the best Americans, so it should be no surprise that a cruise line named "Norwegian" is positioning itself as a veritable Uncle Sam of the high seas. On May 6, Norwegian Cruise Line announced the formation of NCL America, a Hawaii cruise operation that will encompass its existing Hawaii fleet as well as two U.S.-flagged vessels.
Summer's coming -- time for thousands of young Americans to head across the Atlantic, rail passes in hand, on voyages of self-discovery. Those who buy their passes soon will have even more money left over for self-discovery, thanks to a sizzling sale on passes from Rail Europe.
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Reader's Voice
From Lisa Redmond: "I am going on my first cruise in August. It is the first trip for Royal Caribbean's new Seranade of the Seas. The travel agent said it is the Ritz on the ocean. I don't know what to bring for dinner clothes."
From Love2Travel: "Bougainvillea Bed & Breakfast was the only bad part of our wonderful trip to Hawaii. We were looking for somewhere to stay in the South Point area and unfortunately picked this place because of Frommer's recommendation. We wish we hadn't. We were disappointed from the very second we pulled up."
From Tio Gringo: "It seems like a lot of people bypass Quito, but I spent a little time there recently and I'm really pretty impressed with the city and will definitely try to get back soon.
From Carol Vasquez: "As we came out of Penn Station from Amtrak, we intended to get a cab to our hotel. A 'dispatcher' approached us as we came up the escalator to the street and ask us if we needed a cab. He talked non stop about a change to cab dispatch at the terminal. The old dispatch lines had been moved after 9/11 to the front of the station on the street. He grabbed my bag and lead me away from the station constantly talking about the new policy and the fact that only 'express cabs' leave from the front of the station now."
From Antonia: "I will be traveling Europe this summer for a month and a half. I was considering buying a Eurail ticket to get from place to place, but came upon the Ryanair website. I have heard people talk about them on here, but never any opinions. What were you experiences with Ryanair? Was is safe?"

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