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We've looked at some museum shows that are making their way across the country this summer and the promotions that may make staying there a little easier.
Hungary's capital is less expensive and crowded than its EU counterparts, offering even those on a budget a wonderful urban getaway and cultural discovery vacation.
Aloha announces last-minute deals to Hawaii, AA offers some middling European fares, Midwest adds to its nonstops, and more airfare news.
If you're interested in learning about this historically rich country that's only 100 miles west of the Syrian coast, then pack your bags: We're off to Europe's southernmost country.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Philadelphia
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Reader's Voice
From gazftm: "I'm after help in planning a long backpacking trip to Thailand and I have a budget of approximately £150-£180 per month."
From funkgill: "A group of college buddies want to go someplace and whoop it up for a few days to relax, smoke cigars, play golf, watch sports, maybe gamble, hit the bars, etc."
From leokadia matura: "I'm a single woman and I'll be in Lisbon/Portugal for a week after a meeting in Aug '07 and wonder if one can stay in convents (I need to keep costs down)."
From simulik: "There is a great deal on cheapcaribbean.com. Has anyone used that site? How reliable is it?"
From trderkatey: "We flew on the new airline Expressjet last weekend and it was the most fabulous flight I have ever been on."

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