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Gamers considering a fall jaunt to the blackjack tables should check out Southwest's four new non-stops, all with introductory fares of $99 one way or $198 roundtrip. Southwest's lowest fares tend to sell out well in advance, so if you don't want to gamble on ticket availability, you should start buying them now.
Trafalgar Tours, a long-established tour operator specializing in Europe, has teamed up with leading airlines to offer "Europe for a Buck". This is a $1 companion airfare on vacations to 14 different European destinations, in which the first passenger pays Trafalgar's land-air brochure price, and the companion pays the land-only brochure price, plus $1 for the roundtrip airfare from all US gateways for American, United, Lufthansa and Austrian airlines.
To spur US tourists to rediscover France, a wide range of travel providers over there are casting discounts across the sea, from airfare to hotels and restaurants. We cherry-picked the best deals for budget travelers off of a long, long list.
Occasionally, a travel experience comes along that is downright expensive, but if it's splendid enough, we're willing to ignore the steep price and recommend you give it some consideration. So direct your attention to the White Nights Festival of Opera & Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia taking place on June 18-30, 2003.
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From S. Lau: "Our family of 4, 9 and 12 year olds just came back from a 9 day driving trip through Utah's Canyons. We followed much of Frommer's advice and did a loop from Las Vegas to Zion to Escalante to Capital Reef to Arches to Canyonland and going backwards, but stopping in Bryce. We stayed at Boulder Mountain Lodge, and it's a wonderful as Frommer's described it."
From Ryen T: "I am going to Europe in September for the 1st time. I was planning on purchasing the France n Italy railpass. I just spoke with RailEurope and the pass with the Eurostar ticket, reservations and everything comes to $478 per person. The pass itself including the Eurostar ticket before reservations is $306, this is quite a jump! Are reservations necessary (they are $20 per route in Italy). Yikes!"
From Rachel 222: "My friend is moving across country and I am making the drive with her. I was curious as to any safety concerns two mid-twenties women may encounter while travelling. Any specific stories anyone has? Any advice? I'm not too concerned in general being as we are both fairly savvy, but we may decide to camp some nights and I wanted to know how safe that would be and need advice in picking the safer places."
From Dot Bell: "We are going to RV into Central America in 2004 with our 2\ kids and dog and we are looking for campsites and or hotels that allow RV's to Park. Does anyone have any info? Know of any books?"
From surfsupizzle: "I read about this great deal to Bali online where you get a week for about $600. Me and a friend really want to go, but we can't figure out if it's safe or not. Does anybody have any advice?"

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