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Someone at Hertz is obsessed with the number two. First they started a double-coupon promotion we reported on last month. Now they're offering double upgrades. From Hertz, that's an even better deal than from a cheaper car rental company, as Hertz prides themselves on offering really nice cars.
A cheap wind blows through Chicago today, but don't dawdle if you want great fares to or from the City of Big Shoulders. The ATA sale, which spurred these super-low rates lasts only until today, and we expect American Airlines' competing fares to vanish by tomorrow, as well.
The discounts to Europe continue apace, as nervous hoteliers, tour operators and airlines strive to fill up those empty beds and seats; they sweat, you benefit. We reported earlier on bargains to Ireland, Switzerland and Italy. Today we're scanning practically the rest of the continent as the sales keep popping up like so many spring flowers.
Travel for some may just be a vacation, but for others, it's a life-changing experience. Stepping outside the safety of your day-to-day life into a different culture can be both exhilarating and frightening. We'd like to tell you about some groups that promote travel and cultural exchanges for points all around the globe.
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From Kathleen Vincent: "I have been lucky enough to make a number of trips to Paris over the years. I will be going again this month and am looking for a few new and different things to do. Would love to hear suggestions of favorite unusual spots."
From Peggy Foreman: "My family is flying to Italy the first week of June. My daughter-in-law just found out she to be in Washington, D.C. on June 8. It just so happens that our return flight from Italy stops there on June 8 before taking us home to Austin, Texas. I sent an e-mail to the tour company, Go-Today, and they answered that their contract does not allow them to add stopovers. I called the airline, United, and they told me they don't have anything to do with the reservation since it is booked through a tour company. I assume we will clear customs inD.C. so I'm thinking they can just not board the plane to Austin but I'm afraid of the security issues. We do not expect any refund on their tickets and they will make their own arrangements to get back to Austin. Who should I be talking to or should they just not board the plane? Any ideas?"
From Dana Hanson: "We are in Dublin with two teenage boys for two days in July. What are the must-sees for them? They are not city kids, and I wonder if they will be safe to explore on their own for any of the time we're there. We got a great rate, 190E per night, for a family room at the Georgian Hotel on Lower Baggot Street in Dublin. Does anyone have experience staying here? Are there any good breakfast restaurants nearby? Thanks for any help."
From Norma Gaffin: "My husband and I are going to PV in early June for a belated honeymoon. Any suggestions on must-sees, restaurants, great finds and overall tips would be much appreciated!"
From Beth Hil: "My husband and I are considering a trip to possibly Secrets Excellence, I was wondering what the resort was like, (i.e. rooms, food, nitelife, beach -- topless or nude, excursions, etc.). I have learned a little from a few comments on the board, as always someone who has been there is the best testimony."

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