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US airlines and popular resorts have stepped up to give military folks the welcome they deserve. Pair some of these low fares up with resort deals, and you've got a colonel's holiday that's affordable on a private's salary.
As the mercury here in New York hits 80°, we've been waiting to see which of the airlines will blink first and cut their traditionally-high summer fares to Europe. It looks like the winner is US Airways, which is offering great deals to four European cities for travel in July -- but only if you buy today.
It's hard work being the flagship brand of a conglomerate tour operator, but the folks at Funjet Vacations are having a good time at discounting dreamy vacations to pass the fun on to you. They've come up with a passel of promotions to Mexico, the Caribbean, even to Las Vegas, starting from just over $100 a day for adults. What's more, kids fly from $119.95; depending on the destination, the kids can even stay and eat for free.
Many barges that begin plying France's canal system this time of year are sitting idle as a result of a falloff in bookings. But in at least one instance, an owner is trying to avoid complete inactivity. The owner of the Saint Louis is offering a twist on the usual canal cruise by not taking the boat out at all, and instead using it as a moored floating luxury hotel. Per person prices start as low as 231¿ (about $250) for six nights of pampering.
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From d palumbo: "I had our cruise with 2 other couples booked and even 3 days before Regal shut down, they confirmed that our tickets were in the mail. They should not even have taken all of our bookings 3 weeks earlier. Now, let's see if we can get our money back. However, it actually sounds like a big fraud case and maybe there should be a major lawsuit. Anyone else in the same position?"
From Tim and Jan Mengelkoch: "We are considering a condo rental for the first time on Maui. Since these are rented by individuals and most, if not all, only take checks for payment, how does one make sure that the property is as described and will be available for the time reserved? What can we do to protect our investment after we pay?"
From Kate Silverman: "I'll be going to Buenos AIres by myself next month. I'm getting a lot of conflicting information. On one hand I'm told to dress down, don't wear jewelry. Yet I hear that the people always look good and dress well and that it is expected that you dress up for evening activities. I don't want to embarrass myself by going to nice restaurants dressed down. I have nice clothes. Should I bring them? I also read that it's wise to take taxis at night. I also heard that many taxi drivers are thieves who drive you to a deserted area and their friends come to the taxi and rob you."
From Michele Lynn: "My husband and I are interested in really seeing the Yucatan Peninsula and are thinking of independent travel in a loop, beginning and ending in Cancun. Dates are 5/31 until 6/8. We are in good health and can travel light in backpacks. Will probably rent a car/jeep for the trip. Should we be concerned about having reservations each night? Itinerary suggestions/not to miss sights? Safety concerns? Other tips?"
From Bob Fisher: "The NYTimes had an article about travelling to Thailand for 'high level medical care' and a vacation in the sun, too. Has anyone got any first hand experience they are willing to share? I'm investigating this for dental implants that my health care plan will not cover."

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