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Road trips are as American as apple pie and baseball. An inherent part of American culture since the covered wagon, the open road and the great divide makes many a traveler salivate with pride and wonder for the natural beauty of the American landscape.
Voyage to the land that time has forgotten and experience a world that Darwin discovered in the 19th century - a group of remote and secluded islands teaming with unique wildlife.
As we enter the off season, you can get to the friendly Caribbean island of Jamaica for very little money whatsoever. While you're there, you may find plenty of things to entice you, other than the obvious beach-related activities.
An in depth look at California's state capital. Includes attractions, events, restaurants, shopping, lodging and some vineyards thrown in for good measure.
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From howefortunate: "My husband and I went to Yosemite this past weekend. The waterfalls are spectacular due to the large amount of snowfall this year. The rivers and streams are cascading with water as well."
From scasassa: "Wonderful, Wonderful, wonderful. I would definitely stay here again. My mother and I stayed at the Torrenueva Park May 6 - 10, 2006. The staff is so accommodating and their English is very good."
From aprilm: "Okay here is the deal. I'm overwhelmed with what tour to take and when. We arrive in Australia in two weeks and so far I don't have much planned. I have many ideas of what we can do but not sure the best way to do it all."
From Jane B.: "I took my first Spanish classes last year at our local community college and decided to return to Antigua for a 2 week immersion class at Tecum Uman. If you are a beginning student (grasp of present & past tenses, but limited speaking skills), this is certainly the way to go."
From toosheenka: "It was really a great experience going to Davao.Hope we could stay longer and get to meet a lot more people."

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