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It's Memorial Day weekend, so we'll be delivering the next edition of the Frommers.com Newsletter on May 27. Look for it in your inbox Tuesday morning!
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This never happens. Who would have thought that mighty Mouse, Disney, would be offering deals? Quite simply, times are financially perilous, and even the folks in Orlando realize they need bargains to attract people in a jittery nation preoccupied with war, terrorism, SARS and threats of airline bankruptcies. These are previously unheard of offers from Disney World.
Addicted to the Internet? Don't worry. It's understandable. When I'm on vacations, I use the Net to book hotels, look for restaurants, answer e-mail and check the news. My fiancée likes to update her blog from the road. Getting online for budget travelers in New York will soon become a lot easier, as the discount Apple Core Hotel chain is installing free Wi-Fi high-speed wireless access in all of their hotels by June 30. Across the country, there are other ways to connect for free as well.
Cancun in summer? If you like it hot and healthy, this is the place to go. You can live in your swimsuits from early morn to late at night, even in some discos, in fact. You can stay at an all-inclusive resort, eating in any of several dining spots (though you may have to get dressed for some), lay back and laze about, or run all day in one or another of the many activities provided. With some quite cheap offers, it's ideal for family-oriented vacations.
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Reader's Voice
From Denise Price: "Whoever wrote the article about military discounts is obviously not a military card holder. The statement that the discounts apply only to white I.D. card holders who are currently on active duty is absolutely not true. In the past all military rates required only that the applicant carried a valid military I.D. card. "Status" has never been an issue. I find the current trend to be unjust. To say that people who served their country for 20 or more years and retire with full honor and benefits, or serve while holding down another full time job with the committment of dropping everything in order to be deployed at a moment's notice are not deserving of a theme park discount is ridiculous. Never before have such discriminatory distinctions been made, whether airfare, car rental, hotel, or movie ticket discounts. All who serve should be recognized. This new trend is simply a ploy to get some good publicity while not really costing the companies anything. I say shame on them for missing the boat."
From edward ross: "While looking for a fare to Bangkok, most airlines came in with a fare over $800. Cathay Pacifc's web site had a fare of $139.40, which I immediately booked. Later that day I received a phone call from the airline saying that the fare was due to a computer glitch but that they would honor that price so I am going to Bangkok at a very low fare. Thank you Cathay Pacific! This bolsters its reputation as one of the world's best airlines."
From jacques.behr: "Do you know that Club Med is having different prices depending on where you book your vacation? You can verify this on their website (www.clubmed.com). You just need to enter different countries on the first page and check out the price for each of them. I found a 40% price difference!"
From penny sheltz: "We spent 25 fantastic days in April in New Zealand (16 days on the South Island, 9 on the North Island). We flew Air New Zealand from LA to Auckland ($800pp) and then Quantas ($60pp) from Auckland to Christchurch, so we would only have to cross on the ferry once from South to North. We rented a Toyota Corolla from ARF for $21 per day plus $6 insurance for a total of $27NZ or about US$16 per day. We drove 3,600 miles on the left side of the road safely, even with the challenging round abouts. We travel many times per year so we like to get deals. We have stayed in hostels and B & B's all over Europe but in New Zealand we discovered a little book with over 300 Back Packer Hostels (BPH)."
From Kathie Joy: "Can anyone recommend one of the private expedited passport services like americanpassport.com or passportexpress.com? Are they reliable or are there others? I need to renew my passport in about 3 weeks."

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