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Are you considering a trip to Europe this summer? Unless money is no object, we strongly suggest putting it off for at least one season. Demand is increasing on popular routes to many European cities, and with that demand prices go up. Look to the fall, however, to find some truly cheap airfares, like $292 to London from NYC -- all on the block from discounter 1-800-Fly-Europe.
Imagine a vacation where you saddle up each morning and see your destination at a peaceful pace, the way travelers would have a century before. Back roads and trails reveal so much more of a country's unique charm and landscape than highways and traffic jams.
There's never been a better time to consider a vacation in Ireland. Prices are low, flights are frequent and world famous Irish hospitality will be there to welcome you.
The hospitality of Thai people is well known, and the kingdom of Thailand continues to be a popular destination. A number of companies specializing in travel deals to this Asian locale are offering deals and last-minute opportunities.
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From sendnuluv: "Ok, so, it's my first time traveling outside the U.S. Do I need to carry my passport with me at all times? What do I do with it if I want to go to the beach and swim?"
From RNE: "First class is indeed all it's cracked up to be! Due to a promotion at work last year, I began traveling more than usual. Midway through the year, I had accumulated 20,000 miles toward elite status. Realizing that I needed only 5,000 more to achieve elite status, I took three personal trips just to surpass 25,000 miles before year-end. I went to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New Orleans. All fun places and the flights weren't too costly at about $800 total. Now I am, ta-da, elite! That means I'm eligible for complimentary upgrades to first class on all Continental flights this year. Get elite status; it's a cheap way to fly first class."
From joanf: "How does anyone manage it? I'm considering flying to China from NYC. I believe the combined flight time is 24 hours. How does anyone tolerate this in economy class? I've felt a little bonkers flying NYC to Europe after 8 to 10 hours. Is a 24 hour economy experience deadly? Is it worth splurging the last of my miles on a buiness class ticket, when I could buy an economy fare package so cheaply? Oh, wise travelers, share your knowledge!"
From Tyrannulet: "We will be taking a tour of Poland for our 25th wedding anniversary in June and have the evening on our own the day of our anniversary. Can someone suggest a very nice restaurant where we can go for dinner and maybe dancing?"
From Rosepointe: "We are trying to complete our trip now. We fly into Melbourne airport at 7AM on Friday from Tasmania and plan to be at Cape Jervis for the ferry to Kangaroo Island by Monday night. We go to KI early Tuesday morning. We are only looking to drive 3-4 hours max the first day as we will be up at 4Am to fly from Tasmania. Could you suggest the best towns to stay along the way for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night?"

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