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Some of America's biggest cities know who you are -- you folks who don't intend to spend your vacation at the beach, or hiking in the mountains. They know you crave excitement, variety and cultural stimulation. Beautiful scenery and gurgling brooks, even the pounding of ocean waves, are not enough for you. So the cities have some deals for people just like you. Today, let's look at some places east of the Mississippi (tomorrow the West).
In Buenos Aires, it's two-for-one. Two cultures in one place that is. Visiting the Argentine capital is like seeing Paris or other Old World cities, plus you get the ambience of Latin America. What's more, you'll pay far less for nearly everything down there, from gargantuan steak dinners to comfortable hotel rooms.
"When tourists have to go, some cities just won't play along. Finding public bathrooms on the road can demand some serious detours, especially when you're walking the streets of seemingly restroom-free New York City. Urinetown isn't just a play about a water shortage, it's a joke about how there's never anywhere to pee in the Big Apple. That's probably why an entire cottage industry of Web sites and magazine articles has cropped up suggesting places to tinkle when you're traveling.
Star-rating systems can be confusing. Priceline takes a giant step forward in ranking hotels and demystifying exactly where you'll be sleeping.
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Iguazu Falls
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Reader's Voice
From Mike Soldner: "Ireland seems to be a popular destination, and there are lots of offers floating about. In fact, there are so many suggestions, must-see-and-do reports all reporting positive experience! Can it really be that perfect? How does one sort all of it? I'm a bit swamped with info but still would like to gather up travel feedback regarding 'what not to do' when planning a trip to Ireland and when in Ireland? Anyone out there with the 'avoid this' list?"
From pirrip: "A few years back, guidebooks used to have sticky tabs supplied in the back to help keep your place. I really liked them, but now they don't provide them anymore. What do others think?"
From Ross Phillips: "If you are ever visiting Victoria, British Columbia, we would like to invite you to our Legion for lunch or an afternoon or evening. We have plenty of free parking (even for motorhomes). You can check out our location and calendar on our website. We are with-in walking distance of several hotels/motels."
From Richard Elgart: "A few months ago, people raved about sites (cruisecompete.com and crucon.com) that vie for your cruise business after you post a desired itinerary. Can anyone recommend similar sites for flights and lodging?"
From Joe Cabrey: "I have used the London Card and liked it, especially the way you move to the head of the queue at larger attractions. What discount card(s) do you recommend for Scotland? I will be in Edinburgh, travelling through Kildrummy into Inverness, down through to Invergarry and onto Skye, then ferrying back to to Mallaig and onto Glasgow. The need is for two adults."

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