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Stow your baggage and lean back for expert advice on dealing with the biggest hassles of air travel.
Amtrak has revived online-bookable codes for the popular northeast corridor, so now that gas is pushing $4, there's more reasons than ever to try the train.
Why you should always wash your hands, and eight things you should avoid when you're traveling, courtesy of this column's readers and the lessons current events have taught us.
Norwegian fjords, Amazonian rapids, and more river, sea, and ocean trips that the kids will remember forever.
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Reader's Voice
From heartfortheharvest: "I'm considering taking a trip to Berlin on November 9-14. What weather can I expect? Snow?"
From lisa99: "My husband and I will be going to Spain for 10 days in May/June. We are thinking of the following. How long is the train ride from Madrid to Lisbon, Portugal?"
From Bahamamamma: "When staying in Columbus Isle, is there an easy way for day trips to other islands?"
From sweetlawyer26: "My fiance and I are planning to go to Thailand on our honeymoon, however, I recently did some research and found out that there is political unrest in Thailand right now. We plan on flying into Bangkok."
From jknight: "Thank you for your help. This is what we have planned to date. Would appreciate any other ideas."

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