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Looking for an island vacation but jut haven't committed to a destination yet? JetBlue is pushing a four-day air and land deal to St. Maarten to celebrate the recent blue moon.
Since health care and plastic surgery costs are so high in the US, some travelers are getting the work done abroad, often at half the cost or even less, than what it would take here.
This summer travel season is taking the fee frenzy to new heights -- levels that might even delay planes and increase air rage. Here are the ones you really have to look out for.
Bike your way through southern Spain, explore Vienna, Budapest, Prague, and Berlin, or take advantage of three more special offers.
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From MapleMoose: "I am trying to decide on a day tour from Dublin. The tours I am looking at stop in either Avoca or Powerscourt Estate but not both. All things being equal, which is the best choice?"
From lhlee14: "My husband and I are planning a five day trip to Puerto Rico in August 2008. We want to snorkel, see old San Juan, the rain forest and relax some."
From Kudu: "I'll be there for four days ahead of a conference in early May. I've heard of "losmen" or homestays; can anyone advise? Avid about cooking and eating and wish to learn about the Balinese."
From chris&john: "I came back last week from a week in Orlando and the surrounding area with my two daughters and a little cousin all ages 10-13. We bought the Seaworld/Aquatica ticket for about $80 apiece."
From John Herrmann: "I just bought a used camper van and want to join an RV club for discounted camping as an inexpensive way to criss cross the U.S. and visit friends and relatives thousands of miles from my location."

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