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G'day from Australia's Red Center! Last week when we left off from Melbourne, I promised we'd head to a very special, remote place. Now I make good as we pay a visit to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park!
Using our quarter-hour audio tour and your portable MP3 player, you'll M¿tro and walk through several Parisian arrondissements and see everything from the Mus¿e du Louvre to some of the most beautiful gardens Paris has to offer.
Check out the latest changes for travelers in Zurich, Bern, Geneva and more.
Heidi Sarna reports on a last-minute Costa Cruises deal, low rates for Carnival Cruises plus we've got the cheapest deals currently available from major online discounters.
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Uluru/Ayers Rock
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Reader's Voice
From Cathy Barnard: "Assuming we all know to pack the appropriate clothing, documentation, tickets etc, what would be the first thing that you would make sure to pack for any vacation?"
From hankertw: "My granddaughter, age 12, is traveling to England with family friends. Besides a passport, does she need any other documentation, like written permission from both parents?"
From mlberry: "My son and I will be traveling to Beijing and Shanghai next month. Airfare is purchased, but I'm debating whether I should do a package deal for hotel/food/attractions through CTS or just handle everything myself."
From rizzo0904: "My in-laws are coming up to visit and would like to take a trip to Portsmouth. My Mother-in-Law is very picky. She would like a restaurant overlooking the water. However, she does not want it to be a seafood restaurant as she doesn't like seafood and feels that they won't be able to prepare other dishes well. She is also a big fan of organic. No one else in the party cares; they're very easy going. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!"
From markpharris: "My wife and I are planning two days in Venice before a cruise with our two 14-year-old boys. We want to plan a stay that the kids will love and are trying to find a fun hotel on a canal. A friend recommended the Liassidi Palace Hotel, but it costs $500/night for a suite for 4, which is workable, but we want to be sure it's the best choice. Any suggestions for a more teen friendly hotel would be appreciated. Also, what are some kid friendly restaurants? Activities?"

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