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What's Happening This Summer? Get details on festivals, concerts, and parties at destinations around the world with our global events calendar.
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Of course Istanbul's got history. But if you try to sample the city's funky, contemporary side you'll experience one of the most happening cities in Europe.
Many of the travel industry's customer-friendly policies were quietly dropped after 9/11 in an effort to raise revenues. It's time to bring back some of these rules.
The folks at Airfare Watchdog have uncovered stunning deals on flights to Las Vegas and Hawaii, special sales out of Atlanta and Bellingham WA, plus report on Expedia dropping all those pesky (and costly) extra fees.
Pauline Frommer talks with CNN about how to visit New York City smartly while being money-conscious.
If you ever needed proof of what the economic slowdown has done to big-city hotels in the U.S., you have it now in Quikbook's three-day sale.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Istanbul's Blue Mosque
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Reader's Voice
From voyagefemme: "I know we don't have much time but we would like to see the Duomo and the Last Supper. Is there enough time to see both of these?"
From Peru888: "Many books say late May early June, as it is the peak weather season, but does anyone recommend another month?"
From NT: "I want to go for a short (1 week-10 days) safari trip to Kenya, with my 19 yr-old son. It will be our first time in Africa, so we are looking for something 'classic.'"
From ddschur: "Price is not really too much an issue, I would be looking for a very nice area with a nice hotel and easy access for sightseeing."
From meowmixgirl: "We are going on a Royal Caribbean cruise on the Mediterranean. When it comes to tipping, what currency should I use? Should I be giving tips in Euros or American dollars?"

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