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While we're out enjoying our holiday break, we hope you enjoy these previously published columns and readers' comments from the Frommers.com Newsletters.
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Tuscany is home to some of the most stunning small towns, each with its individual charm, character and postcard-worthy views. Often surrounded by heavy fortified walls with fortresses and towers, these cities are a legacy of the Middle Ages and a testament to the wealth and prestige that the area enjoyed during the medieval period.
It's never too early to start planning a fall European vacation, in fact if you book now, the savings will give you a lot more spending money in your pocket when you arrive.
There must be something about the temperature rising that makes regular Americans do some pretty weird things during the summer months. Here is a selection of some of the most unique homegrown festivals and events worthy of a visit this season.
The road trip is a quintessential American experience, just like apple pie and baseball, and now is the time when your fellow citizens start pulling out the atlas and begin tracing their fingers over possible routes. We've rounded up some nifty resources to help you plan your trip -- including how to find off-the-beaten track sites and a couple of sites to help you beat high prices at the pump.
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From Gina Piero: "A friend and I traveled to Italy -- first time for us both. We are size 16 and size 18, 5'10" and 5'11". We are fashionable, well groomed and hip. Some of the stuff we read on this site before departure left us expecting that the Europeans would be throwing stones at us because of our weight. As it happened, many of the men were throwing themselves at us."
From jenntutu: "I am leaving on a 9 day trip to Iceland, Paris, and a 3rd city TBD with my best friend of 21 years (we're 26). We're both experienced travellers, but have never travelled together. We're very excited, but we have a brother/sister relationship and can get on each others nerves. Any tips on how we can make it through the trip without killing each other?"
From Trixiebee: "We're in the early stages of planning our RTW trip starting next Feb. I've found some great ideas (at least on paper) that may pan out to be fantastic things!"
From Steve Kerr: "A lot of people are very quick to suggest leaving baseball caps at home. Those of us who are bald or have shaved heads need them for sun protection while traveling in places like Spain, Italy and southern France in summer."
From Sheila Kirkman: "I am writing from the UK and I am a single female traveller. I have just returned from a East Caribbean Cruise on P & O Oceana, flying out to Barbados. then flying back to England. I have had to pay a huge dreaded single supplement, and someone suggested for next time I try an American ship, and seemed to think your supplements for single people would not be as high. The Celebrity, Constellation was docked behind us in St Thomas and I must say I would quite like to cruise on this ship. Can any one advise me if they know of any low single supplements? Thanks very much."

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