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The land of the midnight sun enjoys 20 plus hours a day of daylight and the people of Iceland go a little wild over the summer months, celebrating the warm weather with festivals, street fairs, outdoor dining and indulgent drinking.
With Culture Xplorers it's not about how far, long or remote you go in your travel experience, it's about how deep you go into the lives and the customs of the people who inhabit the land where you go.
George Hobica reports on the latest airfare discounts and sales plus Delta's JFK expansion and more.
More than 16 years after the end of Communist rule, and two years after joining the European Union, this small country appears to be a confident contributor to the prosperity and stability of the continent.
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From daisysmom: "I've been back for almost a week. I've answered the mail, done the laundry, paid the bills, overcome jetlag, but I still haven't sat down to write this report...because I really don't know where to begin. SO I'll just dive in."
From mlomascolo: "A friend and I just got back from Brazil a few weeks ago so I thought I would share some useful info. We were there for 12 days."
From faerae: "I am trying to get this together, but am needing a reality check. I'm flying into Zurich (using miles) and arrive very early am. I'm staying at the Alden, I'd like to explore the city and the next day get on train to Luzern."
From mjay: "My husband and I just returned from New York City. We took the train from Toronto to Penn Station. It was a 12 hour trip. We stayed at the Comfort Inn, midtown Manhattan, and we were very happy with the hotel."
From Texas Traveler: "My husband and I are planning on going on a road trip from San Antonio to Austin. Our boys are 7 and 9, and we may be taking our 16 year old nephew. I need help with the itenarary and this board never fails to help - so here goes!"

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