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Tokyo remains one of the worlds most cosmopolitan and exciting cities. The neon lights, the flashing advertisements, the large indoor malls and streets with so much visceral stimulation you think you're in the middle of a video game.
Travelers to the very large Argentina and the very skinny Chile (comparatively speaking) can live like kings and queens, relatively speaking; the exchange rate favors the dollar and with cobblestone streets, amazing vistas, the tango, and wine countries to tour, as a pair, they make a great trip.
As you read this article, it is currently 84¿F in Tahiti, the water temperature is 80¿F and you're probably thinking how quickly can you get your suitcase packed.
Bazhanyy, pryyemnyy, vitaty-laskavo prosymo -- these are just a few of the ways that the people of Ukraine say Welcome!
May 2005 -- Looking for an insider recommendation on the next must-see place? Frommer's, the leading travel guide publisher, polled their hundreds of outspoken experts around the world for their top picks on up and coming destinations near and far.
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From fernn: "A great find in the hill station of Mahableshwar is Hotel Dina a quaint and picturesque red bricked hotel."
From Anita Cocktail: "1. Two very thin small towels and dark wash cloths. Most hostels will not supply towels."
From krukab: "We will be traveling from Fort Lauderdale down to Key West in June. Where is the best place to snorkel?"
From KeetDeeDee: "We just returned from a fabulous weekend in St. Eustatia (Statia). We are reasonably experienced divers, but had never seen such a beautiful-untouched reef to dive."
From jcrh: "I posted earlier and asked for a "favorite" Heuriger there but received no response. Thus, this question ..... has anyone been to this village while in Vienna?"

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