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A ship gets a second chance, and disgruntled Regal customers get a refund center.
You can stay in touch while abroad without a stamp using this wireless technology.
Since the company is an affiliate of Europe Express, it's never been a surprise to us that they offer great deals to most points, well, European. Then they threw in a little spice with packages to South America featuring Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. Now they're headed halfway around the world offering some phenomenal budget combos to Tokyo and Bangkok.
As the dollar falls, there are still places where you can get more bang for your American buck.
Roswell, a longtime center of the weird, is holding its annual UFO Festival on July 3 to 5, 2003, 55 years after the original "mystery" of a supposed alien spacecraft crash nearby occurred. Tickets for the festival are just $2 a person, a price that is also out of this world.
A favorite small ship is getting a new home at Saga Holidays.
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From Michael Wilson: "We just got back from a 10 day vacation to Hilo. We stayed at the Hilo Bay Hotel better known as Uncle Billy's, and I must say that it was a great hotel with the best service for a hotel of that size."
From V. Hailey: "I am mentoring a foster child who is 12 and would like to take her on a week long trip to a destination that she will always remember...she has mentioned London or Paris or Rome, but even though Frommers.com has deals on the website, I'm wondering what location would offer the best value in terms of cost of living expenses while there. Does anyone know of any program that would give a discount for a single person traveling with a 12 year old?"
From Waneta Achaj: "Has anyone tried organizations like SERVAS or WelcomeTraveler, either as host or guest? What did you like about the experience? If you have hosted, what kind of people visited? If you were a guest, what did you look for in a host?"
From Kjester: "I just had the worst experience with Enterprise in New Orleans. I rented an intermediate level car from them and was given a Ford Focus. What a tin can! It was filthy inside and out, complete with stained carpets, stained seats with cigarette burns in them, soda spilled in the console and McDonald's bags in the glove compartment. I drove this car approx 25 miles and parked it. Two hours later it would not restart."
From Philip: "My wife, myself, and my one year old daughter were going to Costa Rica on 5/24. We were flying on Taca airlines, and I called Taca to see if my daughter needed I birth certificate or passport for 5/24. They said that a birth certificate was fine. When we got to the Miami airport, Taca said she needed a passport. So we were not allowed to go, no exceptions."

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