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Welcome to Mexico, where time is merely a suggestion, the weather is hot, hot, hot, the flat landscape is dotted with mangled, hurricane-swept trees, and margaritas are poured faster than you can drink them.
Before there was Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (and their union known as Brangelina), there was the beautiful African country of Namibia.
G'day from Queensland, Australia! Last week we left off from Uluru/Ayers Rock. This week we're in for another very special -- and adventurous -- locale. We visit the only place in the world where two Natural World Heritage sites meet: the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef.
From Avalon to Asbury Park, for teenagers to aging romantics, there really is something for everyone on the largest sand dune between Philadelphia and New York. Close to Newark Airport and easy to get to from New York City, it's no longer a secret that the Jersey Shore is full of quiet, affordable inns and charming towns.
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From Douglas Duckett: "I would like any advice or suggestions on a problem that just recurred on our return to a visit to Toronto. My same-sex partner of 21 years and I, both US citizens, travel at least yearly to Canada from the US, and occasionally to other destinations, such as Israel."
From truofrehryan: "My wife and I just got back from 4 days in Istanbul and would like to let everyone know how are trip went and to clear up some concerns. We are both proud Americans and didn't bother hiding the fact."
From Jackie K: "We just returned from Italy and wanted to mention a few tips. First of all we rented an automatic car extremely inexpensively ($30 US per day incl. taxes) from a major car company beginning with a T."
From stotterabd: "We all have different last names, as our daughter's is a hyphenated combination of mine and my husband's. We do have passports, but a few people have mentioned that the different last names might still cause us problems, regardless. Has anyone run into such an issue, or do you have any advice?"
From traveler I am: "For those who want to experience Alaska as the centerpiece of their trip rather than accommodations and food, you might consider looking into the Alaska Marine Highway System. My dad and I just returned from a two-week trip, and it was wonderful. The ferries offer a much smaller mode of travel."

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