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We know, we know: L.A.'s all about out with the old, in with the new. However, the city notorious for razing its history can actually be a great place for history buffs -- if they know where to look.
Steveston is no secret among Vancouverites, who flock to the waterfront park in summer for sun, fresh fish, and kite flying. But for visitor, it rarely makes it onto the itinerary -- all the more reason to explore.
Fixed rates on airport-to-city taxi service, new tours in Florence, museum re-openings, and more news from one of Italy's most loved regions.
American Airlines extends a deal to Tokyo and adds a new one to Buenos Aires, Midwest makes U.S. travel cheaper in the fall, Air Canada offers web-only bargains across North America, and more news from the airlines.
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From kgerbo: "Costa Rica is a magical place, and I wanted to share the highlights of my trip with everyone in hopes that they may help others plan a wonderful vacation."
From anniefree: "I understand that hiring a private guide is an unbelievable experience. How do I find the right one to show me Israel?"
From JasonAndMelissa: "Budget for the hotel is $300 to $600 for each night, depending on location. Location is key."
From frolo1098: "We are trying to figure out the best (and cheapest) way to communicate with each other while we are there."
From mego: "Any suggestions for companies to go through to organize bike rentals?"

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