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Check out Sleepinginairports.net, the ultimate guide to the ultimate budget sleeps.
With the summer travel season coming up, you may want to dodge that choked traffic and those high gas prices by taking the train. It's been a few months since we've run down train fare discounts. The bad news is, Amtrak hasn't come out with any new editions of their marvelous discount codes recently. The good news is, some of the old codes are still active.
For visitors to Europe traveling on their own, without benefit of package plans or tour operators' itineraries, we've found a healthy mix of items that will prove useful (especially to your pocketbook). Look for driving tours across the continent, discount savings cards for 40 major cities, a lollapalooza in Spain and tours geared specifically to Jewish travelers to Germany.
When people plan their first trip to Asia and ask me for advice, I try to find out what interests them. If they like being up to date, I suggest Japan; if they yearn for the unbelievable, I tell them to try India; if they want a gigantic work in progress, there's no better place than it's China. But for a milder form of exotica, fall back on Southeast Asia, where there's plenty of the unusual, a little of the modern, and a healthy dose of old-fashioned charm
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From Dom Westfall: "Having just flown First Class roundtrip Montreal-Las Vegas thanks to Delta Skymiles, we realize it is the Oonly way to go. Is anyone familiar with the publication First Class Flyer? Thanks for any comments
From Kristin Wynkoop: "I would love to go skydiving during my next trip to Europe (hopefully October). Does anyone know of any good places? I'd be interested in any country but Italy or Spain are definite destinations. I'll probably be in England, Belgium and France also."
From JeanieJ: "My 14 year old daughter and I will be traveling to LA from Minneapolis in July. We plan to stay for a week. She is hoping to experience 'Hollywood' while there, as she plans to be an actor someday (don't they all?). Do you have any suggestions for us? (Where to go? Where to eat? Where me might see a star or two? What to do?) Also, we would like to spend a day and night at the ocean. Is Catalina Island a good choice? Thanks for any input!"
From Wayne Kivi: "We'll be on an escorted tour of England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland in June and I'm a little confused about the tipping customs, particularly in restaurants. I've read that only a norminal amount is expected. If the service is truly exceptional, then, more is called for. Is it the same for all the above countries?"
From Sarah Haigh: "We recently visited the Salem Witch Village in Salem, Ma. After purchasing two tickets we were led into the 'maze' in the backroom, and set off on a journey hoping to explore the truth and myths behind witchcraft. The tour lasted approximately 8 minutes during which we were led past tacky mannequins and ornaments (on the day I visited some of these couldn't be seen as the lights were broken). The tour guide was in such a rush to finish that he didn't wait for the group to reassemble after walking between 'exhibits', so those at the back of the group missed parts of his speech. The information contained in the tour was very sparse and, although certain myths were mentioned (e.g. broom sticks), little information was given about either witches in the 1600 (i.e. the witch trials) or modern day practice of the Wiccan religion. This was a huge disaapointment, and I will not be recommending it as a place to visit."

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