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Bordering Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, Chile is a sliver of a country that snakes down South America's western coast looking a little like a rumpled necktie.
Even when they want to get away from it all, it seems that most people just can't disconnect from their wireless devices. Look around any airport gate lounge and you will see them, the communications addicts, tapping away at their lap tops and speaking a little too loudly on their cell phones.
We've rounded up the most current fare sales plus the latest news.
There's no more famous wine tasting experience anywhere than the Napa Valley.
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Sydney, Australia
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Reader's Voice
From N. Italy: "Just returned to NYC from a week in NC We did the Blue Ridge Parkway and Smokies, Asheville, toured some lake areas, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and the Outer Banks."
From kayl: "I'm studying abroad in Costa Rica at Universidad Veritas this fall from Oct 1 to Dec 23. I will probably be living in a home stay in Zapote. I'd like to get out and see the country and maybe some of Panama on the weekends. Any must see sights?"
From happy492: "My husband and I returned from Paris and Spain on April 24, (it was supposed to have been the 22, but that's a story for another time)."
From drchantel: "Before we booked our trip to Providenciales Island (Provo), I read all the reviews on Trip Advisor.com about WI and Grace Bay Beach. I decided to go with WI mainly because it was rated well and some people said that this was the best part of Grace Bay Beach."
From kellyfromtexas: "I'd like to plan a trip to Australia, and hopefully New Zealand, sometime next year. I thought about doing a cruise between the 2 countries, but I don't like the number of days "at sea." I'd just be bored.

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