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Flying to Africa isn't cheap. For many destinations, you'll be lucky if you find a fare under $1,000 -- especially to South Africa, the gorgeous diamond set at the bottom of the continent. So we were heartened when we saw Iberia's latest sale to Africa and the Middle East.
We'd like to remind you that August and September are two special months each year in London. During this (roughly) 60-day period, the general public is allowed inside two of the city's most historic and famous buildings: Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. These alone are worth a hop across the pond.
Call them "Eastern Europe Extreme." The Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia joined the EU on May 1, making these ex-chunks of the Soviet Union newly attractive to Western visitors. And thanks to new low airfares, you can see the Baltics for under $100 roundtrip from western Europe.
Prague is no longer the cutting edge for budget travel to Europe it once was. It's still very much worth a visit, mind you, but pricing on travel related items like lodgings and dining out have climbed steadily. To get that hipper-than-thou thrill, you'll have to go a little farther east.
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Our readers offer their own savings suggestions, including a great tip on free parking in Oakland.
From Cathy Routhier: "The tips for finding great airfares by David Lytle in Frommer's recent article are great, but here are a few more."
From cafcuny: "We tried to enroll to a credit card, either Mastercard or Visa, whichever offers the best travel rewards. The more we read, the more we were confused. Could anyone tell us which Mastercard or Visa card offers the best travel rewards? Thank you."
From Jim Kinsella: "Let me start this inquiry by saying I am not a prude...My wife and I will be traveling to New Orleans early in September. Have just found out that the first two days of our stay will correspond with the end days of the Southern Decadence Festival. Can any readers tell me what to expect by way of street crowd behavoir, competition for restaurant dining, attendance at city attractions? We've been looking forward to this trip for a long time. Thank you."
From Jane B.: "Thanks to Frommer's, I was able to snare a quick trip with Grand Bahamas Vacations at the Crowne Plaza/Sunspree Resort in Freeport. I'd resigned myself to spending Memorial Day week at home, unable to locate anything within my travel budget and voila! GBV offered airfare from Hartford, 3 nights lodging & $50 hotel credit for $460 + tax, single supp included."

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