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It's impossible to play all of Maui's courses unless you move here and take up golf full-time (which some do). The only alternative is to choose your preferred courses and catch the next plane out.
Go island hopping in Greece, stay at a beachfront hotel in Bali, plus three more discounted getaways around the world.
A traveler calls an online travel agency to hold a reservation, but the agent misunderstands and books the ticket anyway. Is this reluctant traveler out of luck?
Jumpstart your next Paris vacation with a little extracurricular reading. These books cover everything from fun history trivia to where to find the best restaurants and flea markets.
Ten perfect escapes: Hidden French Polynesia, remote Maine, secret Belize, & more.
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Lake Como, Italy Lake Como, Italy
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From Susan Gardner: "I'm going to Paris at the end of July. If I don't sleep, can I fit in the Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Pompidou, and two gardens?"
From rbciao: "I want to buy a SIM card for the unlocked quad band phone I recently purchased. Where are the phone stores at the airport? Is one phone company preferable to another?"
From 500withkids: "My family is planning a trip to the Yucatan in February. We'd like to see Tulum and perhaps Chichen Itza. Is it worth going with a tour company, or should we rent a car?"
From Sandra Miani: "When is the best time of year to visit Chile (as far as getting the best fares from the U.S.)? I don't want the high tourist season but when the weather is still great."
From mariah: "I have heard a lot of people speak about mosquitoes and bedbugs. Are bedbugs a problem in Egypt? Will mosquitoes be a problem in November or December?"

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Home > Deals & News > Frommers.com Newsletters