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When the resort our reader is supposed to stay says its never heard of her, she's sent to a different hotel that's out in the boondocks. What is she owed for the reservations snafu?
Settle down in a small town in North Carolina, go country hopping in South America, or find a comfortable middle in one of the three other special offers this week.
How to cope with the plummeting dollar, fewer flights, higher oil prices, and other developments that can complicate your vacation plans.
How you can trade large groups of tourists, long lines at attractions, and booked out hotels for small villages, Roman ruins, and inexpensive chateaux.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: The Las Vegas Strip
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Reader's Voice
From Kalyug: "I have this picture in my head of open bars right next to the beaches where I can take a margarita and sip away in front of the water."
From eol3rat: "For six months, I have been studying travel modes, routes and prices and can't decide what to do. As our time draws nearer, I know I need to decide soon."
From georgia hendrix: "Also, is a guide through Machu Picchu recommended? Any names I should look out for?"
From thomasa55610: "I enjoy pretty much everything (outdoors/hiking, museums, restaurants and bars) and have a genial personality."
From jennfinn: "We want to stop for the night and maybe do some sightseeing at a destination along the way. Any suggestions?"

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