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Greece's longest summers happen on Crete. Here are nine ideas for making most of the warmer months.
From Mediterranean villas to medieval castles, here's how to book your dream vacation rental in Europe.
For the price of what airfare and seven nights' hotel would cost if booked separately, enjoy this escorted Thailand trip that includes both of those and much more.
From difficult refund processes to bin-hogging passengers, this summer is poised to be another frustrating season for travelers.
This dusty desert town is home to one of the world's best mysteries: the famous lines that were etched into the sands of the pampas more than a millennium ago.
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Looking over Keswick in England's Lake District Looking over Keswick in England's Lake District
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Reader's Voice
From e90fleet: "We've decided to plan a day trip by taking a high-speed train to Naples and then to Pompeii. How early should we leave? Is a guided tour in Pompeii suggested?"
From photogrl_81: "What are the best beaches in St. Croix? And are there any great local spots to visit? As a single woman traveling alone, what places should I avoid?"
From lildebs: "I'm bringing my 17-year-old daughter to California for her first beach trip. She wants to do Sea World and Disneyland. Can we do Disney in one day so we have time for beaches?"
From Judy J: "My husband and I are traveling with another couple in January. We'd like to rent a villa or condo for a week. We've already been to St. Maarten so are looking for a new location."

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