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Best of Paris: Have you brought the city of light to life with your camera? Share your images with other readers now.
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A historic fat-finger deal from Delta, Qatar does discounts via Twitter, first-class and coach deals to Hawaii, and more special offers from across the friendly skies.
A sudden collapse of autumn fares to London lets tour operators offer air and hotel for an unprecedented $499.
Are you skipping the vacation or taking advantage of the deals? When it comes to travel, nobody agrees on what's going to happen this summer.
Finding a bargain in Vegas doesn't have to be a crap shoot. Pauline Frommer visits CNN this week to share the best ways to take advantage of deals to Vegas
A month-long festival in Bali, an all-night party in Iceland, and more big events in France and Australia.
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Reader's Voice
From Floridiana: "A group of us are planning a trip to Costa Rica for September with the main interest being in fishing on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. We are interested in any advice as to what town to base our main destination."
From Langtang Valley Tramper: "Wow! A bit of an impulsive decision for a 60plus Kiwi lady, but it proved to be a life-changing adventure - undertaking the Langton Valley trek, climbing as high as 4200 metres."
From keri: "My husband wants to do a two tank dive in Tokyo or nearby one day while I shop. Our trip is the first week of August.Does anyone know any dive companies that speak english and will rent all equipment."
From WorldTraveler1: "This is a once in a lifetime visit to a Thailand beach for us that we will probably never be able to do again. So if you had to choose just one beach location & hotel, which would be the best?"
From Tazzy: "Was hoping to make a stop along the way for a few days. I know Vienna is right in the middle but we've both been there before and we're looking for someplace a bit more quaint and relaxing."

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