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George Hobica reports on a new round-the-world ticket and discounts on fares to Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia; plus a warning on buying bulk fares.
G'day from Australia! This week we end our trip Down Under in style. We first travel to exclusive Orpheus Island, then fly to Brisbane for the night before heading back to the U.S. If you want to come for the ride, jump on board. The seaplane is ready for takeoff.
It's said that the United States is blessed by geography. Two coasts flanking an extraordinary mountain range called the Rockies; great, fertile, plains in the Midwest; and lush forests in the East and West make the country a topographical treasure. Despite funding cuts, our national parks work to preserve those lands in their natural state.
It's not too late to start planning your summer vacation to Italy, but for real savings, look ahead to the fall and winter to reap the benefits of lower airfares and discounted package deals.
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From ebuck: "I will be in Quebec City for 2 weeks in July with my 2-year-old daughter who speaks French and English. I want to find some organized parent/toddler activities or classes (music, tumbling, art, etc.) for the two of us to participate in. So far, I can't find anything. Library story hour stops during the summer; parks department says they have no classes for kids under age 3. What social activities do 2-year-old Quebecois kids do?"
From Cathy Barnard: "I am traveling to London and am having serious sticker shock over the price of hotel rooms. My husband suggested I try Priceline, but I have never used it and am not very familiar with it -- except whatever Bill Shatner says on TV. I don't know if now is the right time to give it a go. Any suggestions?"
From TotallyChaotic: "We have a wedding to attend that's an 8-hour drive away from home (each way) in July. We have 4 kids (2 sets of twins: eight-year-olds and four-year-olds). We have to drive -- we can't afford to buy plane, train or bus tickets for 6 people. I wonder if anyone has any advice for avoiding the 'are we there yet' nagging syndrome. How can we make this trip bearable for them (and in turn, us!)? What car-friendly activities would you recommend we bring?"
From onemarvy: "Last winter, I was supposed to plan my in-law's BA trip that was eventually canceled. During that time, I ran across multiple websites that were very helpful in booking hotels, transportation, entertainment, etc. They have rescheduled the trip for this fall and unfortunately, I've since lost all that info (yes, I failed to save the addresses!) and was wondering if anyone out there can recommend some useful sites?"
From edd29: "This may seem strange, but I do not understand how a money belt works on a practical level. For example, if I keep my passport, rail pass, credit cards, etc. in the belt, how do I: 1) Obtain cash from an ATM? 2) Pay for a meal with a credit card? 3) Use the rail pass when travelling by train? I have a money belt and many on this board swear by them -- I just can't figure out how I am supposed to access the items within the belt (when worn under my clothes)."

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