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Much of what is so fascinating to travelers in Southeast Asia is the ephemeral: that friendly shopkeeper who invites you to sample something new, a hole-in-the-wall antiques store, a local specialty served at street side, seeming impromptu festivals, and the kindness of strangers.
This week we finish our trip to the Baja Peninsula before heading up to Vegas for a quick peek at their newest hotel and casino.
This year, the return of the "Best of Barbados" program put together by the Barbados Tourism Authority offers incredible savings on airfare, hotels, dining, shopping and rental cars.
Look to Europe ASAP for one of the best-priced deals on the market currently for fall and winter travel to "the boot."
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From syrah girl: "We started out stopping in Ashland for dinner and the Green Show. We dined at Quinz and while the service was very slow, we enjoyed our meal here very much. We then went to the Ashland Fudge Co. for some fudge and caramel apples to take while enjoying the Green Show which was great entertainment for about 45 minutes."
From Cajeha: "Everytime I read a recommendation from Frommer's with regard to long-term stays,(which mainly seem to be two weeks, and not what I would call long-term), I am appalled at the prices quoted! Today's email suggests using Untours two-week stays in various cities and the average price is over $4000 for two people. This only covers air and the room, or apt (and only a 1-bedroom). I toured 5 countries on my own and spent less than half of that for 5 weeks, including all transportation, meals, theatre, museums, etc. Do any of you have any information on actual lodgings that really are inexpensive, even if off-season?"
From wenwo: "My mother (late 70's), boyfriend (late 50's) and I (late 40's) decided to take advantage of the new nonstop flight by Air New Zealand from SFO to Auckland which started service in June 2004. We opted to go in November upon recommendation of our Kiwi friends who we were planning to visit"
From MelodyLee: "I want to thank you all for the great advice I got from this message board as we were planning our trip! I hope my trip recap is helpful to someone else."
From Nickelbee: "I am going on a multi-country trip. Any suggestions on how to get to gay activities in these countries and must dos when there. Any advice you can provide will be appreciated. Here are the countries and things that I'd like to do there."

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