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It's easy to take a weekend trip from Amsterdam to Berlin, or to fall asleep in Paris and wake up in Rome. Some of Europe's trains, like Switzerland's Glacier Express, are so fabulous that they're tourist attractions unto themselves.
Little things sometimes bring big savings. Take the new Adventurecard, for example, which can save you up to 30% on Anaheim and Orange County area accommodations, activities, dining, shopping, transportation and more. The card is free and is valid through March 31, 2004.
Two fine tour operators have recently become one, and to introduce their new wares to the public, prices have been cut to the bone. The combined Nordique Tours/Norvista have just come out with a $649 Summer Sale to Germany, which gives you six days (four nights) in four-star hotels there and roundtrip air on Lufthansa.
An onboard tragedy has forced NCL to scrap additional cruises through September. Here's what you need to know.
Frommer's Travel Guides and Frommers.com team up with MTV to start a new guidebook series starting with Paris -- and you can watch the whole thing.
Los Angeles is extending its arms to small stargazers this summer, offering free admission to a slew of local attractions -- in fact, to most of the area's major draws except Disneyland. Combine this package with some of the many cheap airfare deals to LA or with Amtrak's perpetual kids-ride-free promotion, and you'll have a great, inexpensive West Coast vacation.
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Reader's Voice
From Liz Lewis: "This is in response to newsletter article on 'Booking Cruises Online: Who Offers What.' I was disappointed the author did not mention 02cruise.com. I have used them twice and have been very happy. I highly recommend them. I tried icruise - got no response. Used Cruise Value once never again. Appreciate other comments on this."
From Jim Robison: "Right now there are some really great offers on Singapore Airlines roundtrip to Singapore from JFK and SFO, but when you go to their site, they don't tell you how to find those offers. They just ask when & where and give you a price which is much much higher than their advertised offer. I am retired and can go anytime. I just want to know how I can find the flights, dates and times that the special offers apply to. Does anyone know? Has anybody taken advantage of these offers?"
From Richard Cormier: "I will be traveling cross country through Arizona near the Grand Canyon.I was wondering which side would best to view it from, North rim or South? Unfortunately, I can't spend too much time but I would like to know which side experienced visitors prefer."
From Catherine G: "Has anyone ever gone to a time-share like seminar where they're not selling timeshares, but the opportunity to become a travel agent instead? Supposedly after paying several thousands of dollars, they will make you a travel agent and you will then have the ability to book your own travel and get travel agent rates. Is this a good deal or a rip-off? Does anyone know?"
From Carrie Smith: "I was lured by the promise of a $349 trip to London so I went to Go-today.com. Go-today is dishonest because there is a $99 tax automatically added. If you want to leave on a weekend there is another charge. Also, if you come back on a week-end (generously defined as Thursday-Sunday) there is another charge."

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