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The city's beauty, architecture and charm are unrivaled, and you can often experience its finest cultural offerings for relatively little money. We have found some summer specials and although we've also listed some fall deals, it's smart to think ahead, as these specials won't be available forever.
This week we travel to Connecticut for my favorite weekend of the year. After all the festivities there, we take a short train ride into New York City to visit friends. We also hop on a new helicopter service that takes American Airlines passengers inside the JFK gates -- making the trip to the airport ever so easy.
The first-time visitor may feel that all of Beijing is closed for renovations. According to a BBC report, half of the world's steel, and one-third of the world's concrete are currently being poured into the biggest urban facelift the world has ever seen.
In celebration of Bloomsday, we bring you these deals to Erin that would make any penny pincher proud.
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A military parade in Prague
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Reader's Voice
From TotallyChaotic: "I usually travel by car and haven't travelled by plane in several years. I read somewhere that you cannot bring cans (the kind that say 'contents under pressure') because they will explode. I have a travel size can of shaving cream, and I wonder if I can bring it. I am wondering what else may pose a hazard that I should not bring. If anyone has good ideas for "alternatives" to the things we cannot bring that would be good too. The last thing I want to worry about doing during our vacation is searching for a drug store."
From bkbailey12: "I would like to surprise my husband for his 65th birthday with a trip in the USA, to a spa retreat. We live outside of Chicago, and I think maybe a trip to Colorado or Arizona would be nice. Any suggestions?"
From lala1019: "I got so much good information for our trip from this site: wanted to pass on our experiences from our 11 day trip: Our group consisted of my husband and myself (in our 40s) and my 16-year-old son and his friend and our 13-year-old daughter."
From DecoderMan: "My wife and I will be spending three weeks in Rajas than in November and December 2006. I'm interested in whether there are any distinctive foods to Rajasthan that we should sample. Are there other foods that would be interesting to try too? Our breakfasts and dinners are taken care of, but we can try all kinds of different foods for lunch."
From nostrilb: "My mom will be taking her first flight from Wisconsin and meeting us in Orlando. We are flying in from Chicago. She is nervous about flying for the first time, and flying alone. Have any advice for her?"

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