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SmarTours has a truly smart deal available for post-Olympic travel to China: 10 days in Shanghai and Beijing for just over $110 a day -- with air.
Why would anyone get on an aircraft while in the throes of a contagious, debilitating viral infection? Maybe the question should be: Why not?
Beer, coffee, hot sauce, and more -- get up close to the nation's assembly lines without getting your hands too dirty.
Nature, wildlife, and off-island historic escapes that will entertain once you're weary of golf and tennis.
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From guatdoc: "I am single, so I'm willing to do hostels for nightly lodging. Help me build an itinerary so that I can see it all!"
From lewright: "After lunch, we're headed to the Theater District via the S train for a 2 P.M. matinee. We're looking for something inexpensive, like pizza or Mexican."
From Janeygotagun: "Does anyone have any details about the festival this year in Piedras Negras? Is it on? If so, when? Has anyone gone in previous years?"
From iamtumblingafter: "I'm a pretty affectionate person and I don't want to offend any particular culture with what they deem to be inappropriate displays."
From fanofnature: "I don't have much time to plan it out neatly. Hence, I would prefer to take a package deal if one is available."
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