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Let's blame Hollywood for reinforcing the myth that safaris are strictly reserved for the eccentric, the Europeans, the terribly wealthy -- or some combination of all three; it's simply not true. In fact, a couple of reliable companies have made it their business to bring this vastly underrated, under-explored terrain to American travelers at substantial discounts.
The travel world doesn't stand still, so I decided to check back and see how some of my favorite past subjects were doing. Today, I'll give the most recent scoop on global bathrooms, Tokyo hotels and European flights.
Those lucky Europeans with scads of vacation time (five weeks or more for some) flock to Mykonos, Paros and Eos begging Venus for some loving, Apollo for some sun and bartenders for another shot. But after the summer sun sets and the tourists have all gone back to work, Greece and its many islands stay exactly where they are. Lucky for you, some of the hotel, air and travel package rates don't go away, they just go down.
It's Fall in New Zealand and soon it will be winter, which means lower prices for world travelers. If you act fast, you can get some decent airfares there and some low-priced package tours and self-driving expeditions to one of the comeliest countries on the planet.
The only real visual reminders of the hurricane season are downed trees alongside Walt Disney World's roadways. If anything, the storms merely speeded up face-lifts and renovations that were already planned or underway. New rides and attractions, as well as accommodations, are being added even as I write this. Here's a summary of just some of the things that have changed in the year since this Frommer's guide was last revised.
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I spy a hyena on safari!
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Reader's Voice
From maryfalin: "Does U.S. inspection have any special agricultural concerns if one has stayed in a B&B on a farm in Ireland? What can I expect on re-entering the U.S.?"
From Carol Schwatz: "I just returned from a trip to Colorado during the first week of June. My husband and I were returning to Colorado for the third time (we live in Philadelphia). Since we'd seen a lot of the state already, we wanted to explore the southwestern area. My particular interest was the San Juan Skyway."
From alinerose3: "I'm traveling back to Europe and will be staying with people I've met on previous trips. I am taking one small bag for a month-long trip. Any suggestions for small but nice gifts for my hosts?"
From homeroff: "I was considering taking my wife to Aruba next year to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Neither of us has ever been there before. Given recent news stories, I was wondering about personal safety on the island. Is it safe to walk the streets at night? Are there certain neighborhoods/areas that should be avoided? Any suggestions from experienced Aruba travelers would be appreciated."
From wrldtravel88: "I am traveling to Beijing in a couple of weeks and I was wondering what sites are a must see while there? Also if anyone could recommend family friendly activities or tours, that'd be great too!"

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