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There are plenty of reasons to make buses part of your European journey. Bus passes can be much cheaper than even the cheapest rail pass. Buses reach some places, such as rural Ireland, where trains don't go. And even in countries with decent train systems, buses can help you make connections where there are gaps in the rail lines.
For most of the year, Edinburgh is a conservative banker's town. But in August, the gates fly open and the city is flooded with an eclectic mix of artists, artisans, performers -- and the voyeurs who flock there to eagerly soak up their creative endeavors.
The height of the European tourist season is in full swing, or at least it should be. Package companies are leading the way with greater reductions on their products and some of the cheapest advance purchase prices that should lure travelers, not only for the summer, but for this fall and winter, as well.
During the summer, Miamians are in special need of escapes, as thermometers pop and residents huddle in air-conditioned shopping malls. Get out of the sweltering heat and into a balmy northern European summer with packager IMTC's excellent car-and-hotel deal.
Virgin Vacations has its eyes on Argentina and is in a mood to tango. To get willing partners, they are six-night packages to the economically strapped "Paris of the South" from just $599.
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From J. A.: "I hate to sound cheap, but I have a hard time paying extra $$$ for additional people in a room that is supposed to accomodate four people. Especially when your already paying what I consider a "fair" price for the room. At The Mirage for example, two extra people are $60 extra per night. I wouldn't mind paying a small surhcarge recognizing the extra water use, supplies, etc. but $60 seems steep and this practice appears to be the norm at all the hotel/casinos. Does anyone book a room for two when there are four in it and not say anything? Is this too risky? How would they know?"
From Paul Caron: "I recently returned from a trip to Hawaii/California and was so disgusted with the policies of the airlines. We were told that there was a weight limit to luggage. Because of 9/11 policies, you can't have locked luggage onboard the plane (as they will cut your locks or damage your suitcase to verify the contents.) Fine. On each flight where we had to check in our luggage, we had separate weight limits each time! It was extremely annoying to have to pay the extra $50-$75 each time."
From Erin Dugan Whealton: "Just trying to see if anyone has some money saving tips. We are going to St. Lucia this Sunday on our honeymoon - and can't wait! We chose the Jalousie Hilton - more expensive than we originally planned, but we decided to splurge. Any money saving ideas that will help even things out?"
From Carole Talan: "We went for 13 days (actually 14 nights since the flights leave and arrive at odd hours) in Dec 2002. We fell in love with Rarotonga and the people . We rented a beautiful villa right on the beach that I found on the Internet, Reflections of Rarotonga. The villa was great, with our own private pool, and very quiet, yet decent snorkling just out our front door. The villa comes with a rental car so you can go wherever you want on the island."
From Lizette: "Is there not one place left that is 'Decent' and doesn't show women's chests and complete nude bodies? I'm a big girl, and I'm sure no one wants to see me naked, so why should I have to see everyone else naked? I think it's vile, and I don't want my children staring."

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