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The summer is a time for long weekends and long drives. Now, Hertz and United are combining forces to stretch those weekends out further with a free rental car day.
If you're going to be away for an extended period of time or you're a compulsive overpacker, consider these services to safely send your bags ahead of you.
If you feel like indulging yourself and spending big bucks, here are a few places where you can do so in real style -- and even one place where the price is affordable.
It's been difficult to get to Antarctica in the past, and expensive in terms of money and life, but now the journey is within financial reach, at least.
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From dhamm: "I have used the site many times when traveling, but they didn't have anything for the Cayman Islands when I wanted to go. I e-mailed the site, and, lo and behold, I get a message from Roger Cox telling me what he knows and giving me ideas for tennis while on the island. I played at the Cayman Island Tennis Club while renting a home there and really appreciate his personal help in leading me to the club."
From captb: "We just returned from 10 days in London and met a British pensioner who has a passion for British traditional ceremonies. We wish to share with everyone his in-depth info regarding the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and tips for viewing."
From Kim Harty: "I know a passport is not required for US citizens vacationing in the Bahamas but the Frommer's Travel Guide says they 'strongly suggest' having one any way. Has anyone has any problems with just having a birth certificate? My husband has one but I don't and because of the cost I don't want to get one unless it truly is a good idea.
From Dawn: "Early last year I posted a question to this board regarding anyone who could review InkaNatura Travel and no one was able to review them. I ended up using them after following Frommers guidelines for double checking a travel agency. I contacted the better business bureau and I double checked their professional affiliations. They had a good rating with Travel Guard insurance as well so I was hopeful. These people rose above our expectations and provided such excellent service. We enjoyed their company on a personal level and several of them took me out of the way to buy items to bring home that I was coveting
From Tom Dean: "Forget whatever the naysayer mythmaker discontents say and go to France! Wifey and I were there for 11 days. Paris, Mont St. Michel, the Loire Valley. Spent few days in beautiful Paris (my 3rd visit there) and then rented a car and drove off to Normandy. Mont St Michel is not nicknamed the 'Marvel of the Western World' for no reason, you know? We stayed on the Mont for the night. Next we drove to Amboise, Loire Valley and checked in at a Gites de France. Good location and visited all the chateaux. People are very nice in France. Met lots of Americans, French, Germans, Austrians and Japanese. I speak conversational French, and it really, really helps with many many things but it's not totally necessary. Just learn some basic phrases and memorize them and all doors will be opened for you. They understand and appreciate your effort! J'aimerai toujours la France! Au revoir!"

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